Can I Marry In Secrecy? Think & Reflect

Dear reader:

I’d like to ask you. If your parents had married you off in secrecy because they had loved someone of character that they thought was fit for you, would you not be upset? Would you not feel that your parents don’t love you? Would you not feel betrayed that your parents had done such a thing without even considering your feelings? Would you not feel like your parents just had given you away without even thinking about how you felt? Without even asking you, would you like to marry this person?

Put yourself in their situation now. If you had married in secrecy, behind their back. How would they feel? Your parents who have raised you from an infant to being almost an adult now. They took care of you. They kept you in a safe environment. Allowed you to goto school, paid for your expenses. Even if you committed sins or upset them, they still showed love and compassion to you. They still took care of you everyday. When you were baby, who came to your aid while you were crying? Who came to your aid when you were hungry? Who came to your aid when you needed your diaper changed? Who came to your aid when you got hurt? Who came to your aid when you needed to goto the hospital? Who came to your aid when you complained about being hungry? Did your parents not provide enough for you, to at least give them respect in terms of letting them know you want to get married to this individual? Have they not done enough for you?

I advise you, to please consider your parents feelings. A person will come into your life and then go but your parents are one of a kind. There are only two of them. Another two will not come along and love you the same way your parents have loved you for all these years. A person will come along even after this one leaves. Another person will come into your life and love you even more than this person will but your parents are always going to be one of a kind. Do not ruin the relationship with your parents because you feel you are in love and must marry this person. Your parents have considered you and loved you for all these years, so please consider their feelings as well.

Think really carefully about this as your actions may or may not anger your parents but seek the guidance and the help of Allah through the prayer of Salatul Ishtikhara. As it will make your life more easier. The decree of Allah has been pre-ordained 50,000 years before we were even created. If this person is to be your spouse, it is already written and if they are not, it is already written. Allah knows best and what is most fitting for us.

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