Be Wise

I wrote this after my ex and I broke up years ago. Do I still believe everything I wrote in this piece? Yes, I do. Is love for me? OF COURSE… Enjoy!!

So, I’ve learned a wise lesson. Never put fort an effort if the other person doesn’t put fort an effort. Somethings aren’t just meant to be and you just have to let them go. No matter how hard you try, some will never see that effort or just take advantage of it. Wearing your heart on a sleeve for any creature is a mistake, a crash just waiting to happen. I never regret things in my life, never have for one second. Things happen for a reason. You go through things in life for a reason. It’s a test, you either pass or fail. Things have been written for you and if you feel any differently then there isn’t much for you to do. Open your eyes people, be wise. Love is amazing but it takes amazing strides, lots of time and equal effort for it to exist. Love isn’t in the physical form and if you’re waiting for that physical form to approach you, your time is just passing by.

Lessons are learned from two things. Mistakes and steps in your lives. If you don’t do those things, than you’ll never learn. You can’t be a turtle all your life, being in a protective shell. If you’ve been hurt in your life than you share my pain. If you’ve been believing something and believe that you and that person could exist, than you share my thoughts. If you’ve been holding onto hope, hoping for things to change, than we share that hope. But remember, relationships aren’t for everybody and not everyone will be ready for one. If you feel you’re ready and willing to go through things in your life that you feel, you might be ready for, by all means, take that step. If you’re ready to give up things in your life for “love” than by all means, take that step.

Never regret what you’ve been through or what you’ve done. Every step, every action performed has a meaning behind it. Read your life and read the people around you. The answers lay within their eyes and their speech. If you believe that person is holy and you two can co-exist, then continue that friendship or whatever it may be your looking for. A wise person said to me and I didn’t believe what she said but she said “if its meant to be let go and it will come back to you”

Love isn’t for me but I am all for learning and teaching. I fall, I get up and live another day. May Allah give me the proper guidance in my life and give me whats right for me.

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