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I Just Want To Give Up


I know you want to give up on everything because it has been a long and difficult road. All the time you’ve put into what you wanted to accomplish, has not shown the fruits of your labour. All the hours invested. All the sleepless nights. All the advice given and running around, has gotten you no where. You feel, life is being unfair to you, while everyone else around you has everything laid out. You go the extra mile in absolutely everything you do and here you are, empty handed. Down to your last your dollar. The world is weighing you down, digging you into a hole where you see no ladder or arm that will allow you escape. People that you thought would assist you, only criticize you, leaving you full of doubts, while not seeing the hard work being put forth. It has been a long process and no doors have opened fully. There have been cracks and creaks but they instantly close once you get near. The moment you feel is yours, is instantly taken away, leaving you hopeless, beat up, thinking, this is the end. You think to yourself, how cruel is this world? All I want is an opportunity to show and prove who I am. What I am capable of but no one offers you that opportunity. Everyday just seems like you are just mauling along, hoping, being optimistic something, anything comes your way. Your phone rings, you get excited, only to hear a voice on the other end try to sell you a product or to enlist you into a program that offers little to no reward.

I’ve been where you are. Im actually there now, just as I’ve described but ask yourself, if you were to give up now, on everything in life because some things or a few things never went your way, how would you know what is to come? I know what you are thinking, there is nothing for me, I’ve tried everything possible, it is impossible but even impossible spells, IM-POSSIBLE. What you are doing now, takes courage. Takes heart. Takes dedication because no one who is as dedicated as you, invests this many hours. This many days. This many years, into being where they want to be in life. This life can be unforgiving at times but it also rewarding if you endure it with beautiful patience. All roads lead some where. Even a dead end, has pathways you can take to escape, only if you are able to create it. Nothing in life is going to be handed to you. You have to go out there and earn it because there are others out there who are competing with you but you are not competing with them. You are an individual who is creating an opportunity with every effort put forth.

Don’t give up now. Actually…… don’t give up, ever. If people don’t appreciate you, know there is someone waiting for the opportunity to show their appreciation to you. If people don’t want to give you an opportunity in life, know they are missing out on something great, that could potentially further their ideas and make it a success. If people weigh you down, get right back up because there is no weight in this world heavy enough to weigh you down.

Life is beautiful and every moment is perfectly crafted, perfectly timed, to reward you with things you could never imagine but only have dreamed. You have to keep trying. You have to keep working at it because success is not easy and successful people are never created overnight. Successful people have been created from the same tears, efforts, drive, and passion you’ve consistently put in everyday.

You’ll get your opportunity, don’t worry about that. Just don’t ever give up because there is someone out there wishing they had the drive, the passion, the energy, the effort, the ideas and brilliance you have but, Allah subhana wata’ala didn’t give it to them. He gave it to you. Use it, create an unforgettable journey because the one you are on now, you’ll look back and be thankful, you were chosen to hold the torch, to be tried and tested by the creator of the heavens and the earth. He elevated you in status by trying you with a calamity and He rewarded you for your patience.

Smile, take a deep breath, it’ll be over soon. Just as the sun eventually has to come up to brighten the day and the rain eventually has to fall to make the flowers grow, your time will come and your hard work isn’t going unnoticed. It’s creating a more efficient, intelligent and more durable individual. You are the chosen one because Allah subhana wata’ala tests those He loves. Never give up. Giving up isn’t in your blood. It isn’t what you are made of. Keep going, in the end, this experience will allow you to see who you are meant to become and I tell you, it will unfold and create something beautiful and amazing.

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Hold Onto the Rope Of Allah & Remain Positive



There comes a point in your life where being positive is no longer an option. Where being positive, hoping for the best turns only to doubts. It’s only natural for someone to be doubtful after being patient for so long. All the things you’ve worked towards. All the things you were patient towards turns to doubts and nothing but doubts. Being positive for whatever it is no longer a part of you.

Then when you read Surah Yusuf, Prophet Yaqoob (Peace Be Upon Him) was tested for years when he had lost his son Yusuf (Peace Be Upon Him) due to his sons jealousy of Yusuf (Peace Be Upon Him). He cried and cried but was strong and patient. He never lost hope that he would see his son one day. He continued to be patient and said as Allah subhana wata’ala reveals in the Qur’an: “patience is most fitting. And Allah is the one sought for help against that which you describe.” [12:19]

He also only complained about the loss of Yusuf (Peace Be Upon Him) to Allah subhana wata’ala only. He said: “I only complain of my suffering and my grief to Allah, and I know from Allah that which you do not know.” [12:86]

A point had come where the sons of Yaqoob (Peace Be Upon Him) had met their brother Yusuf (Peace Be Upon Him) and Yusuf said: ” Take this, my shirt, and cast it over the face of my father; he will become seeing.” [12:93]

When the brothers had brought it back to their father, he was happy because patience had prevailed. He had never lost hope and remained positive that Allah subhana wata’ala knows best. He said: ” Did I not tell you that I know from Allah that which you do not know?” [12:96]

In Surah Yusuf, we learn that through hardship comes ease and to always have faith in Allah subhana wata’ala, to hold onto the rope of Allah and never let go, no matter how hard things may get for you. When we are going through anything in our lives, we should turn to the Qur’an and sunnah and we should reflect on the verses when going through trials and hardships in our lives. One of the things Surah Yusuf tells us that a father remained patient and never lost faith in Allah subhana wata’ala, no matter how long it took for him to see his son.

Allah subhana wata’ala says about the Qur’an: “This is a blessed Book which We have revealed to you, [O Muhammad], that they might reflect upon its verses and that those of understanding would be reminded.” Surah Sad [38:29]

Your Own Poison



Unhealthy relationships are a poison we choose to inject ourselves with everyday, simply because we don’t make a decision to get rid of it. We think and want to get rid of this poison inside of us but we do nothing about it, absolutely nothing. Even when it breaks us down everyday. Even when it takes away from our happiness, we allow the poison to remain! What happens when we get sick? We make a choice by visiting the doctor to prescribe us a medicine that can get rid of this sickness, hoping it works, while knowing the cure is from Allah. You see, we made a choice to change something in our lives. Just as you can change the sickness inside of you that weighs you down. That weighs your life down, you can do the same with the poison that you have been hesitant to get rid of for several years! Change is on the horizon, all it takes is for you take make the step to change your life! Unhealthy relationships are not only with people but it is with yourself as well. With your mind. How you perceive yourself. Your unhealthy relationship with your physical self. Overweight, underweight, skinny, fat, whatever it may be. This is a poison that you’ve wanted to change for years but you don’t want to reach out and get the medicine, which is progress! If you really want to change your life, you will consistently make progress in 3 ways. First one is making an effort. Second is making duaa (supplication) and third is hoping for the best by being consistent every single day to change it. Stop injecting yourself with the poison when the cure has been there all along. If you have to walk away, then walk away. If you have to run, then run. If you have to make a sacrifices then make them but know that nothing will change, that poison will not rid itself until YOU, YOU, YOU, YOU, YOU want to rid of it by getting up and removing it.

It All Starts With A Positive Mind



We all are going to deal with negativity in our lives. Sometimes from our parents, sometimes from our siblings and sometimes from our coworkers but don’t ever, ever, ever, ever, ever let this deter you away from your goals. Negativity is going to come with success and negativity is going to come with those who are blessed with talents others aren’t capable of or they think they aren’t but don’t work hard enough to acquire that skill. One of my favourite boxer says “Hard work – dedication” and that is all there is to life. You have to put in time, put in effort and dedicate yourself to what you love in life. Some days, you’ll wake up and all the negative energy that you are surrounded by will break you down but you have to keep on going. Not because you have a lot of people to prove wrong but because this is your life and you are destined to accomplish these goals. Anything you want to do in life, it requires you to be positive. It requires you to plant a seed in your mind and believe you are capable of it. Not because you are arrogant or full of yourself but because you are confident in your talents, skills, abilities given to you by Allah SWT.

People in this world can assure you of your talents and skills but you must believe in them as well, in order for you to see them for yourself. Time is everything and everything happens at the right time but you must work for everything you desire in this life and the hereafter. Jannah (heaven) is not easy and shaytaan prevents you from that goal and dream and also, whatever your goals are in this life, people are going to prevent that too but you are your own person. The ideas you plant in your head, into your mind, you’ll live out. You see yourself as ugly and believe me, that is all you’ll ever be, is ugly. How you view yourself, how you speak to yourself, is how you’ll carry yourself and carry out your life.

Don’t carry yourself in a negative way nor view yourself in a negative way. Be optimistic about life and be optimistic about your capabilities and what is in store tomorrow. It’ll make living much easier and breathing much easier. Be confident and don’t surround yourself with those who are negative, they’ll do you more harm than good and don’t surround yourself with those complain about life either. Surround yourself with those who are positive as it’ll enable you to be positive and surround yourself with those who appreciate the blessings in life, it’ll help you appreciate yours too.

A positive mindset means everything to a person who wants to succeed and who wants to achieve their goals. This is you, a positive person but you must think of yourself in that manner. You must be confident. You must believe in everything you are capable of. Put your work in with hard work and dedication, make duaa (supplication) and insha’Allah, everything will fall into place. Either Allah SWT will protect you from an evil or bless you in this life or bless you in the hereafter. Whatever it is, it starts with a positive mindset, so be positive. 

Signs Of A Magician (Sahir)


—Identifying a Saahir (magician, sorcerer, soothsayer, etc) —

These signs are found amongst many people claiming to be “faith-healers”, and they come out in the garb of faith, pretending to be pious, and they place advertisements in the papers and on the radio and television (in some Muslim lands) and in the Western lands also. So you should beware of these liars and worshipers of the devils, and warn everyone against them.

(1) The Saahir will ask you for some clothing which has been in direct contact with your body, they are looking for something which has traces of sweat upon it. It can also be a comb, or some hair, or a picture (photo).

(2) The Saahir will ask you for your name and the name of your mother. This type of magician is potentially greater in his disbelief than others, because the devils are prepared to work for him through names alone, without the need for any clothing or hair and the likes, which indicates his obedience to the devils is greater than others, and that he has reached a level with these devils that other lesser magicians have not.

(3) He will chant or mumble what are talismans (spells, amulets) but in a language that is not understandable.

(4) He will ask a person to keep away from the people for a defined time in a room in which no sunlight enters.

(5) He will often be found in a dark room.

(6) He will often use bukhoor (incense) or a fire in which he will put bukhoor (incense).

(7) He will ask you for a sacrificial animal (chicken, sheep etc.) with a given description (i.e. age, size etc.) so that it is sacrificed in a specific way (without Allah’s name being mentioned), and then its blood is used to smear on to the patient’s body (where he has his pain or disease), or the patient may be requested to go to a deserted buildings or places and asked to smear the blood, or it may be on stones or on trees in a certain location.

(8) On some occasions the Saahir may tell the person his name, his mother’s name, the place he has come from, or the reason (problem, ailment, need) for which he has come. He gets this knowledge through the devils he is giving obedience to, and which he is summoning for this purpose.

(9) He may give the person an amulet in the shape of a triangle or a square (made out of paper, or a cloth), or it could be out of leather, or it could be made out of silver, and inside of it there are written calls for help from the devils, coded through numbers and symbols, and words written backwards. He may ask the person to hang them around his neck or put them under the pillow.

(10) He will write talismans, or amulets in which he mixes parts of the Qur’an, the names of the Prophets, or Companions, along with unknown names, symbols and combinations of numbers and letters.

(11) He will write or prepare talismans on paper or otherwise and which will often contain five pointed stars – these five pointed stars represent Satan in occult symbolism.

(12) He may give the person certain artifacts and ask him to bury them in the earth, in a specific location.

(13) He may give the person pieces of paper mixed with pieces of wood and ask him to burn these papers and wood and use them as bukhoor (incense, fumigation) to fumigate himself with the smoke. And these papers are likely to be pages of the Qur’an torn into small pieces.

(14) He may give him the skin of an animal (like a fox or wolf or jackal), or its teeth and ask him to carry them, or he may give him black threads, or cords to hang in his car.

(15) He may ask the person to wear a garment he gives him and ask him to wear it on a specific defined days, and the garment will be filled with talismans and amulets (they will be stitched into the garment).

(16) He may give the person a ring to wear onto which talismans are etched, or a small padlock with its key inserted around which a talisman is attached with sellotape. And other odd things like this.

(17) From the signs of the Saahir is belittlement of the Qur’an and its desecration, and this takes place in many ways.

Remember to never rush to just any body when you or someone you know has been effected by Sihr or other types of possession. A Raaqi’ who is upon Tawheed & Sunnah bi idhnillaah, will never do any of these things.

By: Abu Maryam Taufique Aziz

*PLEASE READ HOW TO PERFORM RUQYA ON YOURSELF HEREhttps://mshabazz33.wordpress.com/2013/08/13/how-to-perform-ruqya-on-yourself-information/

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