My Anchor

myachorThere are days where the world feels like it is crushing me. I feel extremely exhausted and I just want to give up. Sometimes tears form in my eyes because of all the pressure and burden in my life. I constantly look for ways to relieve this stress in my life. Some people recommend drugs. Some recommend alcohol. Some recommend music. I know none of these things have a resolution for my problems, instead, they’ll just cause more problems. Gaining a form of addiction, a high, an escape that leads to more sadness and becomes unforgiving and relentless. It destroys your life in every possible way, so I avoid every type of haram (forbidden) Allah has commanded. There is salah and it’s something irreplaceable. It relieves this tension and lets everything you feel on your shoulders, pushing you down into sujood (prostration) to your creator. Alhamdulilah, it could never be replaced. It’ll always be number one. Some people will eat their misery away, indulging in their favourite foods. Ice cream, cakes, cookies but me…..
I cloud my thoughts with only one thing. I await the journey everyday, as I lace up my sneakers, thinking of what to do today once I enter the arena. This arena is not for everyone. People come and people go. This for those who have heart. Who are disciplined. Who are able to be consistent and push their limits. They look at themselves in the mirror and constantly want to improve. Some have “new years resolutions” that become unresolved, while others don’t have a resolution and just embed it into their lifestyle. It helps them breathe. Break the chains of the mind. Give them one more chance to improve themselves. It builds character and an unforgettable experience that only those that can bare the patience of it all. There is no end result because it becomes a part of you. Everyday, you enter the arena, you strive to improve. You sculpt and build a masterpiece that only your genetics allow. As I enter this arena, everything in my life becomes forgotten. It becomes an after thought. It is as though, nothing exists anymore. My mind becomes set on what I’m about to engage in. I block everything and everyone out. It’s just myself and this iron. Sometimes you’ll conquer it and sometimes it’ll conquer you. It can be unforgiving at times, making you doubt yourself but you want to prove yourself and prove to it, you’re the boss.
The gym, these weights, this iron, is my anchor. It is my drug. These weights, make me stronger but more so, allow me to escape from the harsh realities of this world. It allows me to free myself of the negative people and the thoughts that could bury me. It allows me to let go of these tears and anger built up from the burdens in my life. The anger is no longer suppressed. I free myself. Just as I free myself from the shaytaan 5 times a day praying salah, I free myself from negativity by lifting my pain away. It is my anchor, my drug. My pain reliever. I turn it to it several times a week, almost everyday. I come out pumped full of blood, goto sleep and wake up in pain. My body hates it but I love it. It’s a love and hate relationship but the love is more. They say, Im wasting my time but I say, I wouldn’t waste my time anywhere else. I love these weights and people don’t understand how much it means to me but I keep going. I’ll never stop building myself. Breaking free in a halal (permissible) way. No drugs. Just weights, sweat, pain and fibres ripping and stretching. This is where I come to escape. This is my anchor.
What’s yours?
(Inspired by: Dwayne Johnson)

Do Not Say If


Whenever you make du’aa (supplication), do not say “if” such and such happens. “if” such and such is given, please let it happen Allah. Do you ever study for a test or exam and think through out the entire test, if you pass? Some may but if you’ve dedicated hours of studying, you go into the test or exam full of confidence, full of positive thoughts. Just as you prepare for that exam and beam of confidence, knowing you’ll do well, when you make du’aa have confidence and be positive that Allah will answer your du’aas with success.

When you do feel like you’ve done well enough at work. You feel like you’ve excelled in your position and you feel you deserve a raise, you don’t doubt you’ll get that raise. You don’t doubt you’ll be compensated for your work but you feel confident enough knowing you’ll get it. You feel confident asking your boss because of your abilities and the skills have proven themselves.

Allah is Al-Alim, All-Knowing , All-Hearing, Al-Bashir and capable of anything in this world. When you make duaa, you are engaging in a conversation with the creator of the heavens and the earth. The one who controls everything in front of you. The one who is able to relieve your hardships and ease the burdens in your life. Don’t ask with “IF” and don’t ask with doubt but ask with confidence, positivity and ask knowing they’ll be answered to benefit your life.

I know it takes long and sometimes, a lot of times you feel like your du’aa isn’t being answered but, you are doing an act of worship and turning to Allah that will change the condition of your life. One du’aa, will change the course of your life. Don’t ever stop asking and the next time you make du’aa, don’t say if. Ask with confidence. Have a clear mind and leave everything to Allah. It’ll happen when it’s meant to happen and know that every time you go and make du’aa, you are doing an act of worship and getting rewarded for it. You either are being turned away from something, which your du’aa has been answered or you are being led towards something and your du’aa has been answered. Allah is the best of planners.

Life In 2015 & Progressing To A Better Life



It’s been a while since I’ve updated my blog. Have I been busy? Yes, I have but that is no excuse to not post content on my blog regularly. People alhamdulilah (thanks to Allah) have benefited from my blog through out these years it has been here. Sometimes, I do want to write but, I have nothing to offer so I don’t want to force myself. Last year, 2015, was a really crazy year. A lot of things happened, things in my life changed, I set goals for myself and accomplished many of them. One of them was my book “The Strongest Version Of Yourself.” It was downloaded alhamdulilah, over 175 times by people around the world. Reviews came in and it was unbelievable how Allah allowed me to write these words to help people change their lives and benefit from them. Did the book exceed my expectations in terms of people reading it? I think it did. I’m just a regular individual. Not a professor, a english major, psychologist, just a regular person who wants to change the world through words. I continuously strive to do that everyday. No matter who it is, whether it is my nephews, cousins, new person at the gym, I want to be able to inspire them, motivate them to change their lives for the better.

2015, was a year where Allah did test me a lot and as of right now, 2016, Allah is still testing me. Imagine being tested for over a year or more, try 3 years, how many of you would have given up? I know many people who would blame Allah for all the problems in their life. They wouldn’t think back to the sins they’ve committed through out the years and perhaps those sins, the ones you thought were minor and you thought to yourself that Allah is forgiving, which He is, and you ended up doing it anyway, then Allah punishes you or tests you, in order to remove your sins, in order for you to turn back to Him. What is beautiful about being tested and turning back to Allah in trials and tribulations, you are doing what every single Prophet of Allah has done. You are being tested, just as Allah tested Musa (peace be upon him) with Pharaoh. Just as the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) was tested with the people of Quraysh. It’s hard to fathom sometimes that Allah has chosen you out of all the people within your family or friends to try you with such trials, in order to remove your sins and elevate your status. When we are being tested by Allah, we don’t think of the positive outcome. We always ask ourselves, why me? What have I done to deserve this? Instead, we need to think, Allah is removing the sins I’ve committed and elevating my status as a Muslim.

When Allah does ever test you, don’t think it’s because Allah doesn’t love you. Allah loved the Prophets so much, he tested them with things we could never imagine. Sometimes, tests are not only hardships. Don’t be mistaken because your life is easy, Allah is not testing you. What about Pharaoh? Didn’t Allah give him so much wealth, control and yet, he never turned to the creator of the heavens and the earth? Didn’t he rule over his people and bragged about everything was from him? Then, when he was drowning and he knew death was coming, he turned to Allah in those moments and it was too late. Now, Allah has preserved his body as a sign for the believers and non-believers, to remind us to turn to Allah and that His signs are true. We have people in this world, who ask for so much in the times of hardship, when it is received, they turn away from the one they turned to, then the blessings they’ve received turns a test for them. Don’t be the one who turns to Allah in uneasiness and when it is removed, you turn away but constantly turn to Him and give thanks.

Life is about walking through fire, through obstacles and still coming out on top with your head high and who knows when these tests will ever end but know, in these times, Allah is sculpting a person that is being prepared for a better future. For a better hereafter. Not everything you want in this life will be given but the rewards in the hereafter, are something the eyes have never seen. This doesn’t mean you quit, you give up and stop being able to progress but you keep striving for a better life. One day, it wont be about yourself anymore. You’ll have a family, a wife, husband, kids and you’ll need to provide for them. Not only financially but with your mind. With your character, personality, your knowledge which you have attained by the grace of Allah. Always look to achieve your goals. Write them down and look at them often. See where you are in life and see what you are doing to attain them. It’s not going to be easy and some goals wont be accomplished, not because of your hard work and persistence but because Allah is the best of planners and whatever is good for you will happen, even if you think its good for yourself. Don’t put a negative thought in your mind. Keep going for it. You might be 60 one day and that goal you wanted to accomplish finally does.

Look at the lives of some successful people like Stan Lee, Henry Ford and Chris Gardner. These individuals were well into their 40’s and continued to try everyday to bring their dreams into reality. Your time will eventually come. You just always need to be the hardest worker in the room. Many times, people wont see the hard work you are putting in but every fruit eventually unearths and reveals itself to the world. You will eventually have that opportunity and that only depends on your drive and determination to change yourself. Always be determined and look forward to a promising future ahead. You never know what may come if you give up now. Your goals, dreams and accomplishments are waiting to be completed. Eventually, it’ll take place but for now, work hard, make duaa, pray your salah, wake up for tahajjud and even after you achieve what you set out to do, rinse and repeat to be successful in the hereafter too. Life isn’t only about now but it is also about being prepared to meet Allah.


Before You Get Married Know…..


Some very important advice for those who intend to get married

Know what Islam teaches about marriage extremely well and what is permissible and impermissible in the marriage contract and what you and your spouse can agree to. Some families think that people are ignorant about Islam and they can implement whatever they want in the contract and ask for unrealistic conditions that are obviously from jahiliyaa (pre-islamic) and people will just agree. Some people also put high prices on their daughters for mahr and other things in hopes that one day, there is a divorce and the ex-husband has to pay a lump sum. Some families get their daughters married hoping, a divorce happens one day, so they are entitled to riches due them following something that isn’t even from Islam. It is absolutely sick that parents intend to marry their daughters hoping they get a divorce, so they can leave with money or gold. As if, their daughters are an item and a price tag has to be agreed to either on the mahr or during a divorce period. Whatever you and your spouse agree to in the marriage contract is what you abide by. Your parents can threaten you with a knife, call you disgusting names, hit you but know that Allah is protecting you just as you are protecting your rights in Islam, which He has given. Don’t allow no family, no matter if they are kings, princess, prime ministers, presidents, to walk all over you and ask you to agree to unrealistic and unislamic demands that could never, ever be met. This is why it is so important to know the deen (religion) so when it is time for you to get married, you know what is permissible and what is not. You know your rights and you give each other their rights. And always, always, always, put your spouse first. Fight for them, be with them and don’t allow any man or woman to abuse them, even if it is their own family. Speak up, stand your ground, be firm and be blunt, protect each others honour. Grow to love each other, respect, and spend time with each other in order for you two to adapt to each others likes and dislikes so you can better understand each other. Pay attention to each others needs and don’t expect the marriage to be only about you and then your spouse. Marriage isn’t about yourself but it is about the two of you and Allah has given the husband and wife rights that they must honour. Don’t abuse them, be at peace, make amends, wipe away tears, give hugs, be compassionate, merciful and forgive each other. Don’t hold any grudges either. Most importantly, put Islam first and insha’Allah, you will be successful.

Only Yourself To Blame


You will go through a lot of things in your life that wont go your way. Some days, you’ll feel like giving up. People will talk bad about you, even though its not true. People who you thought were friends, use you but all this is a part of you life and an experience for you to become better. Sometimes, people don’t learn much from these things and end up going through depression, isolating themselves and end up blaming others that they never progressed in life because of them. Truth is, no one held you back except yourself. If you only took the lessons embedded in these hardships, embedded in the betrayals, you’ll come to recognize that they were created in such a way, that it was only supposed to make you stronger, not weaker. You can only place so much blame on another person because of your failures but there comes a time, when you have to look at yourself. Deeply reflect on who actually held you back. You’ll come to end up pointing the finger back at yourself. A lot of things in life are Allah’s decree, there is no doubt about that but sometimes our decisions, our actions in these hardships, situations in life, are a choice we make that pave a way for us to live. You can either give up, sit in a corner, play the blame game or continue moving forward in life. Only you prevent yourself from progressing in life. Allah opens up many doors for us, many opportunities for us to seize and take advantage of but due to our bitterness, due to us not letting go of our past, we never progress and instead, stay in a bitter state. Leave your heart clean. Keep it in a pure state. Let things go, don’t hold grudges and learn from every good and bad experience in your life. Take them as lessons and not as something harmful. It can only harm you if you allow it to. Also, let negative people go and if they are family, keep them at a distance because it is haram (forbidden) to cut off ties of kinship. Make decisions that are best for you. You will experience life differently from everyone in this world and not everything happened to them, will happen to you. Know who to keep around and who to let go. Life can be easy or it can be hard but it depends on you and the decisions you make after hardships, trials and tribulations.

Don’t Wait Till You’re Old To Live Your Dreams


Ahmed Mohammed, a 14 year old from Irving, Texas, who loves inventing things in his free time, was arrested because his teacher thought the clock digital clock he created, was a bomb. How sad is that? As a society, we see our youngsters, joining gangs, selling drugs, dropping out of school, while Ahmed Mohammed is taking control of his life and inventing things to benefit society.

I know how hard it is for young individuals to free themselves from negative influences and peer pressure, to be able to develop the skills to be able to invent things, to only be themselves. If you see a young individual or even an older person, aspiring to be more than just a person who works 9-5, support them, encourage them, help them believe in themselves, just as people today, thousands, have supported Ahmed Mohammed. All a person ever needs a little bit of support to know that people care what they aspire to be. They need words of encouragement, so they can believe themselves further, so they can make it where they want to be in life. Help them accomplish their goals, don’t be a hater. Don’t be someone who can’t watch another person become successful.

If you are a person, who plans to invent something. Who plans to accomplish your goals, go ahead and do it. Don’t wait for time to pass or wait till you are old, fragile, unable to take advantage of your health and free time, to do what you loved. Life is short and tomorrow may never come. You may not live till you are 50 to see the rest of this world, so you love to travel, travel. If you love to paint, paint. If you love to write, write a book, write papers, write paragraphs, even if no one supports you in any of this. Do it because you love to do it and do it because you have been given an inspiration, a talent, a vision from Allah subhana wata’ala to pursue these things. If you are looking for results when you start, they may deter you from living out your life, goals and dreams. Everything will eventually fall into place and know, Allah is the best of planners. It is for you to do, make an effort and it is for Allah to give what is to be given in return.

Each and every single one of us has a talent, a gift, a skill that is able to change the world, change the people around us, so don’t wait for a perfect moment because there are no perfect moments. There is only a moment. That moment is now, your current situation, current place, so take advantage of it and just do it.

49 – 0


As Floyd Mayweather Jr closes his career, which is not likely, due to him being competitive and looking to be remembered as the greatest of all time or he says, The Best Ever (TBE), many casual fans will remember Floyd as the runner but many boxing fans will remember Floyd for his career especially at the lighter weights, when he did stand in front of his opponents, make them miss and light them up with combinations. That was an exciting Floyd Mayweather Jr. As Floyd grew older, he implemented a more conservative style. We didn’t see him throw as many combinations as he did against N’dou, Gatti, Corrales, Hernandez, Manfredy and several others. He perfected the hit and not get style, leaving his opponents baffled on how to close off the ring and actually land a flush punch and even at times, walking down bigger opponents like Saul “Canelo” Alvarez.

Many will hate him but that comes with a career he created with the characters Pretty Boy Floyd and Money. Just as Mike Tyson created a persona to sell fights and a character, to entice the fans and casual fans alike, just as Ali was extremely charismatic and sarcastic to have all eyes on him, Floyd created something for himself through watching these fighters. We can hate on him all we like but a person that is disliked can never have millions tuning into watch him once or twice a year and break records cause that is not possible.

Floyd gave his all for 19 years as a fighter, just as all of us give our all everyday in our careers. Was he exciting all the time? No. Was he a smart fighter? That is obvious. But he did something right for those 19 years, to stay undefeated, to be a champion for 18 years. You can say he cherry picked his way to the top but cherry pickers don’t fight top 5 or top 3 fighters in their division.

When Floyd moved up in every division, he ended up fighting the champion in those divisions. He didn’t take tune up fights, he fought the top guy, the big dog and outclassed them. He has done everything all the fighters in the present and in the past wish they did. The amount of money he made. The records he broke. Titles in 5 different weight classes. He is what every fighter wishes they could be. There isn’t anything else to accomplish and we all know, it doesn’t make sense to fight Gennady “GGG” Golovkin, when he himself, wont even move up 1 division to take on Andre Ward, nor accept a fight with Erislandy Lara who is willing to move up to 160lbs.

Floyd puts on masterful performances every time he steps into the ring and only those who understand the sweet science, who appreciate the hit and not get hit style that Willie Pep, Muhammad Ali, Sugar Ray Leonard, Pernell Whittaker, James Toney, Roy Jones Jr and several others will be remembered for. Floyd will definitely not be remembered as TBE now, perhaps in the future or perhaps never but, Floyd is world class and is definitely the TBE of this era.


12 time world champion
5 division champion
4 division lineal champion

Has a record of 26-0 (10 KOs) in world title fights.
Has a record of 23-0 (9 KOs) in lineal title fights.
Has a record of 24-0 (7 KOs) against former or current world titlists:
Won against Genaro Hernandez, Gregorio Vargas, Diego Corrales, Carlos Hernandez, Jesus Chavez, Jose Luis Castillo (twice), DeMarcus Corley, Arturo Gatti, Sharmba Mitchell, Zab Judah, Carlos Manuel Baldomir, Oscar De La Hoya, Ricky Hatton, Juan Manuel Marquez, Shane Mosley, Victor Ortiz, Miguel Cotto, Robert Guerrero, Saul Alvarez, Marcos Rene Maidana (twice), Manny Pacquiao, and Andre Berto.
Has a record of 12-0 (3 KOs) against former or current lineal titlists:
Won against Genaro Hernandez, Diego Corrales, Jose Luis Castillo (twice), Zab Judah, Carlos Manuel Baldomir, Oscar De La Hoya, Ricky Hatton, Juan Manuel Marquez, Shane Mosley, Miguel Cotto, and Manny Pacquiao.
Has a record of 2-0 (1 KO) against International Boxing Hall of Fame inductees:
Won against Arturo Gatti and Oscar De La Hoya.

Regional & Minor Titles
IBO Welterweight Title (2006-2007)
IBA Welterweight Title (2006-2007)
WBC Diamond Super Welterweight Title (2012)

World Titles
WBC Super Featherweight Title (1998-2002)
WBC Lightweight Title (2002-2004)
WBC Super Lightweight Title (2005-2006)
IBF Welterweight Title (2006)
(2) WBC Welterweight Title (2006-2008, 2011-present)
(2) WBC Super Welterweight Title (2007, 2013-present)
WBA Super Welterweight Super Title (2012-present)
WBA Welterweight Super Title (2014-present)
WBO Welterweight Title (2015)

The Ring Magazine Titles
World Lightweight Title (2002-2004)
(2) World Welterweight Title (2006-2008, 2013-present)
World Junior Middleweight Title (2013-2015)

Transnational Boxing Rankings Board Titles
World Junior Middleweight Title (2013-present)
World Welterweight Title (2015-present)
Lineal Titles

World Junior Lightweight Title (1998-2002)
World Lightweight Title (2002-2004)
(2) World Welterweight Title (2006-2008, 2010-present)
World Junior Middleweight Title (2013-present)

Your Mind Is Too Expensive For Negative Thoughts


You are going to come across negative people in all aspects of your life, no matter where you go, your career aspirations, school, in the work place but the most disheartening place to find negative people is in your home. Home, we feel it is a place where everyone feels welcome. Your family encourages you to be better and to overcome obstacles in your life, instead, we run into family members who end up being the obstacles in life, holding us back from so much. We express our feelings, we are deemed as weak. We share our goals, we are showing off. We share our happiness, they think you are better than them. All we ever look for is support, encouragement and motivation to get further in life, instead we get the total opposite and it breaks us down eventually. Sometimes, we come to ask ourselves, how come those who are closest to us, end up breaking us down? Why don’t they encourage us? Some say, they are using reverse psychology on you, to encourage you. Some will say, they are jealous of what you will be able to accomplish with your skills. No matter what it is, these people, family members are not really an important aspect of your life if they hold you back, if they hold you down.

Look to encourage yourself from their negativity and accomplish what you’ve dreamed. Look to move on with your life with their words and use it as coal to fuel your fire, to build a fortress high enough, so they can see you standing tall. Don’t allow negative people to occupy a vacant space that is too expensive to rent in your head. The only thing should occupy your mind, to occupy that space, is your goals and aspirations and how you want to accomplish it in life. Your family is always going to say negative things to you. They will always look to bring you down but you are neither what they say of you or what they think of you. You are everything you think you will be and what you think you will be, is someone who is relevant in what matters most. You are everything Allah subhana wata’ala has created you for and gifted to you, talents and abilities. Negative people, no matter who it be, family, friends, enemies, are only a minor set back for a major come back in life. If they have brought you down, tore you down from going towards your goals and dreams, it has only been a temporary phase which developed a much stronger version of yourself, that is it, nothing more.

Negative people, those who say things to bring you down, only say things because it is a reflection of themselves. They are afraid of you. A strong minded, capable individual, who they wish they could become. Deep down, they envy everything you are today and everything you will become. You are what they wish they could be, so take it as a compliment and don’t let it affect your way of life.

Speech I Wrote For My Sister & Brother In Law On Their Wedding Day

(I actually had it recorded but, the audio did not come out clear.)

All praise is due to Allah, we praise him, we seek his help and we ask for his forgiveness. Whoever Allah guides, there is none that can misguide him and whoever Allah misguides, there is none that can guide him. There is no God worthy of worship except Allah alone, there is no partner and that Muhammad (Peace & Blessings Be Upon Him) is His slave and final Messenger.

O, you who believe, fear Allah as he deserved to be feared and do not die except as Muslims. (Surah Al-Imran: Family Of Imran: 3:102)

O, Mankind, fear your Lord, who has created you from a single soul and created from it, its mate and from them both, many men and many women and fear Allah through whom you demand your mutual rights and indeed Allah is ever watchful over you (Surah An-Nisa: The Women: 4:1)

O, you who believe! Fear Allah and speak a word that is true and He will correct your deeds and forgive your sins. And whoever obeys Allah and His Messenger has indeed achieved a great success. (Surah Al-Hajj: The Pilgrimmage: 22:77)

The best speech is the book of Allah (The Qur’an) and the best guidance is the guidance of Muhammad (Peace & Blessings Be Upon Him).

The worst of affairs in this religion are the newly invented manners and all of them are innovations.

Today, my sister will be introduced to a new family she has not spent a lifetime with nor an entire day with. She will enter a home with new faces, new personalities, new cooking styles and new way of doing things. She will feel awkward, shy, not be herself for a few days but, she will enter a home, a loving home that is filled with welcoming people. She will be under the protection of a new man, who will honour her rights as a Muslim woman and not over power her, belittle her or feel he is above her and will treat her with respect, dignity and protect her from the harms of this world, as my father, my mother, my family has entrusted this right upon, Imran.

The Prophet Muhammad (Peace & Blessings Be Upon Him) said: “The best of you are the best to his wives, family, and I am the best of you to my family, wives.” [Tirmidhi]

The Prophet Muhammad has led by example and has and will always be the best of examples this world will have ever received. He taught us how to honour our wives and not mistreat them. To be good to them and show them they are important. To not repel them and to compliment them. As many of us here today, we grew up in a household where the men are firm, strict with their wives and they think this is a sign of manliness and it is something praised worthy but it is not. The Prophet Muhammad (peace & blessings be upon him) was not this way. Rather, he would compliment his wives, sit with them, play with them and not worry whether he is manly in front of the companions or not. His teachings was passed onto the best of men and they followed his example and today, as Muslims we follow that way too.

Many of the examples I will share today, to inspire, to teach my sister Naznin, to teach my brother in law Imran and to teach many of the couples here today, that these actions by the Messenger Of Allah are the best of actions, that are rewarding because we are following his example. To teach the newly weds to be, that there isn’t a need to be harsh and strict with your wives because this isn’t something Islam teaches.

When the Prophet Muhammad (peace & blessings be upon him) would sit with Aisha to eat, they both would eat together from the same plate and drink from the same cup. The messenger of Allah, would do his best to place his lips on the cup where Aisha had placed her lips and look into her eyes and drink [bukhari]. Many of you will think hearing this, this does not sound manly but it wasn’t about being manly, it was about showing love and appreciation to someone Allah has created for you. Allah has created us in pairs and Allah has created Naznin and Imran for each other and this was written 3000 years before they were even born.

Many men are also shy or afraid to play with their wives but the Messenger of Allah was never shy nor did her care who was watching. When him and Aisha were first married, they raced. He had sent his companions who were with him up ahead and said to Aisha, lets race, so they raced and Aisha had beat him. As Aisha got older, put some weight, he asked her to race again and this time, The Prophet won [Ahmad]. How many men today, when they are out with their wives will race with them? Will play with them? Instead, they’ll be serious or sit in front of the television waiting for a hot meal. The messenger of Allah was the best of examples and in this example, in this hadith, it shows the playfulness he had with his Aisha and it is something we should implement today when we are out with our wives.

We should never be afraid to show appreciation to each other nor should we be afraid to be ourselves to one another, nor be afraid to speak our mind. The messenger of Allah was never afraid to tell how much he loved Aisha and how much he wanted her to be at his side. In one instance, Aisha had asked him, how is your love for me? and He replied, like the ropes knot. Then some time later, Aisha would ask again, How is the knot? The messenger of Allah would reply, in the same condition [Hilya Al Awliya]. In another instance, the messenger of Allah was approached by a man who had prepared a feast for him so the messenger of Allah asked, if Aisha was invited too, the man said no, so the messenger of Allah declined. Once again, the man returned and invited him again and the messenger of Allah asked again, is Aisha invited, the man said no, so the messenger of Allah declined again. Then he returned for a third time to invite the messenger of Allah again and once again, the messenger of Allah asked, Aisha is also here, is she invited? The man finally agreed and they both went to the feast together. [Muslim]

These are just some examples islam teaches and these examples are there for us to implement in our lives. To be good to each other. To be playful with each other and honour each other. The religion of Al-Islam is a beautiful religion and it teaches us so much that we don’t seek these teachings and we end up missing out on performing these sunnah’s and being rewarded. We also miss out on being close to each other, to show love and grow appreciation for one another.

My sister, Naznin, insha’Allah, will fulfill all her obligations as a Muslim woman to Imran and Imran, insha’Allah, will fulfill all his obligations to her as a Muslim and both of you will honour each other and not over power each other but live with each other, with love and respect. Put each other first, help each other and be dutiful to the rights Allah has established as husband and wife. And I know, my sister can be a little crazy and weird but she has a big heart, masha’Allah and insha’Allah, just as my family has enjoyed her bubbly personality and weirdness for the past 22 years, your family will enjoy it too. We all are going to miss having her around, so honour her, respect her but most important of all, fulfill the rights and obligations Allah has set by establishing salah. When going through hardships seeking help through patience in prayer, and respecting each others rights as husband and wife.

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For the month of Ramadan, I have decided to allow my subscribers on WordPress, Facebook & Instagram and whomever else reading this, to download my e-book for free. The purpose of giving it away for free, is to allow others whom haven’t read my book to benefit from it. How will you benefit from it? To see the life you’ve been given as a blessing in a positive light and to get closer to Allah subhana wata’ala and to be thankful for everything you have in your life. The book was written to help uplift others and to encourage people to live their life in a positive way and not bring themselves down, no matter the hardships they are going through. No matter how low they feel about themselves. If you would like to donate money towards the book, you are more than welcome to. Just fill in the numbers above the “Buy Now” button on the link below or click “Buy Now”, enter your email address and then click download to get it for free.

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