Choosing The Right Partner – Part 2 – Compatibility

In this video I discuss how it is important to find someone that is compatible with you and not just someone who is simply based on looks. I also explain how a woman who had contacted me was considering marrying an individual just to protect her parents reputation even though she was not interested.

Thank You

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Assalamu alaikum (Peace Be Upon You).

When I had started this blog a year ago, I didn’t know what to expect from it or myself. For many years, I’ve been writing poetry which gradually turned into long “essays” which was published on my facebook. Eventually, I was influenced into starting a blog and I had started onw. I wasn’t sure what to do with my blog or what it would turn out to be. Today, alhumdulilah (thanks to Allah) I’ve written about several subjects that have touched places in the world that I didn’t know existed. Geography isn’t my strong point but when I look at all the countries in that list, all I can say is I would have never dreamed that one day, I would amass these countries reading articles, posts from a regular dude in Toronto. I actually didn’t even know there was a country called Isle Of Man. When it popped up, I was like really? There is a country called the Isle Of Man? Thanks to my trusty friend google, I had found out it is near Ireland.

I’ve received messages from people that have brought tears to my eyes. The types of situations Allah SWT has placed people in due to tests, trials, decree, really opened up a new experience for me. Whether it was heartbreaks, magic done to them by their own family members to separate husband and wife and several other things  and even messages saying thank you for being an inspiration. If you were to read the types of things people have been through, you would only feel one way, that is extremely sad. I would never hope for anyone to go through what they are going through today and this should also let many aware of what can be done by people within our family, whom say they love us but due to jealousy or whatever it may be, they get others to put magic on you,it is sad but it is a true reality.

It has also been an absolute thrill and pleasure to connect to people in such a simple way and making a difference with just a few words no matter what it is you write. You don’t know what types of people you may reach out to through your words, so that is why I say to myself, whatever I intend to write on my blog, it should be to help others out. I understand people have a different approach to their blogs, some keep it as diaries and even that helps people relate and also makes a difference in their lives as well. You may be read things about marriage on my blog, positivity, heartbreak, how to combat sihr (magic) and so much more but all this is only by the permission of Allah, through what I have been blessed with.

To those that have subscribed to my blog, shared whatever I have written, I’ve helped make a difference in your life, I just want to say thank you for reading and subscribing. I, insha’Allah hope to continue with this blog and continue to make a positive impact on people’s lives with these words, this skill I have been blessed with by Allah SWT. I always say, if anyone needs someone to talk to about anything, whatever it may be, you are more than welcome to ask for help and I will not judge you for whatever it is you tell me nor will I expose it to others, unless of course, I have your permission and that itself is also to help others through your situation.

I’d like thank you all for reading and I look forward to writing more, insha’Allah.

I Can Live With I Tried My Best But I Can’t



I don’t know what my future holds but I do know if I don’t try to pave a better tomorrow, it will hold nothing but regret. I can live with I tried my best but I can’t live not trying at all. So I wake up each day hoping for the best and making a path towards a better future which begins with a positive mindset which flushes out the negatives that will prevent my progress. There is always a better tomorrow but tomorrow begins with a better a belief of who you are today, who you’ve become today and how each test, trial, hardship left a lesson of growth and not regression. I’m hopeful for what is going to be there tomorrow because hope is great. Hope leaves me optimistic. Hope leaves me believing that anything is possible through effort and determination. I can and will not be left with regret but only the words I tried and i did my best. The feeling of satisfaction even though I may have failed but I know I gave it my all. 100% of me everyday, so don’t ever tell me you can’t if you’ve never tried. Don’t leave room for “if I did that I would’ve.” No, do it, experience it, dive in and come out feeling accomplished even if you didn’t get what you aimed for. You know why? Because the lessons are going to be more valuable than the accomplishment. It has taught you more than you know and it has implemented a story, a memory in your mind that will help you overcome any obstacle because you overcame fear and tried.

Never Stop Believing In Your Dreams



No matter what it is you do in life, never stop believing in your dreams, EVER! Constantly stay optimistic for them to come true. Constantly pursue them. Wake up everyday and say to yourself, you will achieve it. Be dedicated and show commitment. If you are not committed to what you want to achieve, you’ll never in your life reach your goals. Dreams come true because of commitment. Dreams come true because of dedication. Dreams come true because you want to succeed as bad as you want to breathe. There will be days you want to give up. There will be days where the progress you made aren’t making the fruits of your labor. Everything takes time and everything happens at the right time, not because you think it is the right time. You need to put the time in in order for time to reveal your progress, which is leading towards your success, your dreams, your goals coming true. Don’t ever give up hope and no matter what people tell you, they don’t live your life, walk in your shoes and deal with the issues you deal with it. They are like window shoppers observing an item and critiquing. Hope, optimism, patience, commitment and dedication will lead to your dreams coming true. Don’t ever stop believing in them and yourself.

You Are Unique In Your Own Beautiful Way


Each of us are beautifully unique in our own way. With our skills, abilities, personality and character and many do not recognize this. We live in a society where everything is compared to other people’s lives as if our own is not unique and blessed itself. Each persons blessings and gifts are different but it is constantly subjected to where what they have, is what we should have and the blessings we have are just not enough or worthy enough to be thankful for. Let’s stop trying to “keep up with the Jones” and keep up with ourselves. If we do that we would be much happier with everything in our lives because we are happy everything Allah has blessed us with. You are different and every person on the planet is different. Blessed with a different lifestyle, character, personality, and it’ll always be that way. If you waste your life comparing and trying to keep up, you’ll fail living your life while trying to compete with people who aren’t even competing with you. You are in your own race, trying to build a life of your own with everything you’ve been blessed with and not with others blessings that never reach your hands. Only do as much as you can and be happy with what you’ve been blessed with. You’ll live a much more happier life.

Substituting Your Thoughts



The mind can only carry one thought at a time. Whether that thought you are thinking of is negative or positive, you choose it. So whenever you come across a negative thought, you will substitute that thought with something positive in order for you to reinforce and reiterate the positive thought to wash the negative thought away. If you choose the negative thought, you will more than likely carry this as a burden which eventually cause a break down in your happiness and well being. Would you rather have a garden full of flowers or weeds? The weeds represent the negative thoughts and the flowers represent your positive thoughts. The weeds are destructive to the garden, just as a negative thought is destructive to the mind and the flowers are beautiful for the garden, just as a positive thought is beautiful for the mind. It is always encouraged to substitute your negative thoughts with your positive thoughts, as this will enable you to be happy and lead you to a more successful lifestyle.

Explanatory Style



95% of your emotions are determined by the way you talk to yourself. This is called “explanatory style.” Whatever events have taken place in your life and how you speak to yourself about them, whether negative or positive, will determine how you feel about them. It is always BEST, BEST, BEST, to speak to yourself about the events that have unfolded and are unfolding in a positive light, to help you have a positive mindset, in order to set yourself up to be the strongest version of yourself. The more you speak to yourself in a positive light, the more you will feel better about what has transpired and what will transpire in the future. It will help you progress and walk towards what you want without holding you back by regretting what has already happened. The more you speak to yourself in a negative light, how you feel about yourself over what has transpired and what will transpire in the future, the worse you will feel and the more you will bring yourself down. The more you will hold yourself back from being the strongest version of yourself. It is essential to think positively about yourself, the events in your life, no matter how bad they seem to have a healthy mind and a healthy body.